Author - Monain

Great Service!

Great service, experience shows, thanks to the top team at Zeemann Transport. Excellent price, exceptional service! Keep this up and Zeemann will be the top dog in the transportation business nationally and abroad. – Jaco Barnard

Step-deck trailer in early December 2016

Thanks to the local community’s support, Zeemann Transport is now eagerly awaiting the arival of their brand new step-deck trailer in early December 2016!! Enabling us to move plant, equipment and palletised cargo effortlessly. Brought in to stay updated with our respected clients’ needs.

Julle werk is tops!

Pieter en sy span is van daai mense wat uit sy pad sal gaan om sy medemens te help! Altyd gewillig, eerlik en hardwerkend, met n passie vir wat hy doen! Hou so aan Pieter! Julle werk is tops!

Amazing and painless move

Thank you to Pieter and team for such an amazing and painless move. Far better than any other company we have used before and will definitely be using you guys again! Kirsten and Jason